Skin Cancers

Dear Ones,

Please pray for our 28 year old daughter, Rachel, has she has a skin cancer removed from her lip on Wed. morning. The Dr. is a little concerned since she is so young and it is in such a strange location.

Rachel teaches 4 year olds and she is concerned that after surgery herface may be scary for "her kids". Bless her heart. Also when they did the biopsy it was very painful so she is really dreading this surgery.

Some of you know that Charlie has had several skin cancers and somefairly aggressive surgery done in the past for them. I think Rachel fears this is only the beginning of many to come. The Dr. will perform the same surgery on Rachel as was done on Charlie. Where they take what they see of the cancer and then look at it through the microscope and besure they have it all. If not, then they go back and take more untilthey are sure it is completely removed.

Please pray this will only be Basil cell and nothing more serious.

Pray for her to have as little pain as possible for such a sensitive area.

God continues to bless our family. As we prepare to start the newchurch in TN in August pray for God to provide the people He wants to beinvolved and the finances which we need to get started.

HE IS FAITHFUL! To HIM Be ALL Glory and Honor,

Darlene and Charlie