Movements of Reimer and Nobuko

(Highlighted items are items to be prayed for! Thanks!)

Hi Roseline,

Your welcome to post the photos on your H4J site. Here are a few more.

During our stay in Japan we visited Mr. & Mrs. Suyama. We had asked you to pray for them. We had Bible studies with them for a long time. They still have not made a clear decision to accept Jesus as Saviour. So please do remember them in your prayers. We also visited several other people to whom we have witnessed to over the years but are still not Christians. Most of them are good friends, they are willing to hear about the gospel, come to Bible studies and even church events - like concerts, special meetings etc - but it seems so hard for them to make decision to believe in Jesus and accept him. There are some people who we have witnessed to for over 20 years and some even have attended church and come bible studies and they like the Christian message but they still cannot make that decision. There is something holding them back.

On Sunday May 27, I preached at the Higashi Muko Christian church in Muko City, Kyoto Fu. We helped start that church about 25 years ago. One lady (Mrs. Tamaki) whom I had baptized many years ago, but who had drifted away from the church and the faith -and had backslidden, came to hear me preach. We encouraged her to start attending church regularily again and to recommit herself to the Lord.

We also met in a home where we used to hold home Bible studies several ladies gathered and one husband who is not yet a believer. They asked me to bring a short message from the Bible.

I had asked you previously to pray for the the church in Kameoka city, Kyoto Fu. In 1989 we started a small church there and built a really nice small building. We ministered there until 1995. Then a Japanese pastor took over. Then there were some divisions & dissatisfactions, most of the people left and the pastor resigned. Now the church building is standing empty and is boarded up. It is a very sad sight. The denomination (Japan Baptist conference) is considering tearing down the building and selling the property. We have been praying that maybe another christian group would buy or rent the building so a christian witness and ministry could be carried on there. For us it would be very sad to see that building torn down. If you would join us in prayer for that we would appreciate it. If you would know of any Christian group, church or denomination that is interested in doing evangelism in that area that would be wonderful.

Right now we are back in Winnipeg, Canada. We are involved with my home church - Mission Baptist church and are also fellowshipping with and helping a small Japanese church. We plan to be back in Japan from about July 20 - Sept 15. We will stay at our small cabin (small summer house) by Lake Biwa in Shiga Pref. I have promised several churches that we would be available to help them with their ministry during the summer and possibly preach for some pastors who will go on summer vacation.

I haven't written very often, but we are always glad to hear from you and from Heart 4 Japan so please do keep sending us your emails.

Sincerely in the Lord,
Reimer Clausen
(with greetings from Nobuko)
Jun 6, 2007