Keep on praying for the church in Japan!

Dearly Beloved,

Calvary greetings from Mokpo in South Korea.

I missed writing for such a long time. I just realized it’s taken this long. I’m so sorry that it has been quite a while since you got my last update updated and newsletter. it’s been quite a busy and interesting time out here in the fields but one thing has always been outstanding all the way and that’s God’s faithfulness in both little and big things.

Praise Points

We saw God’s faithfulness in amazing ways in the 7weeks of our ministry in Japan. We were extensively involved in prayer mobilization for this spiritually needy country of Japan months before our arrival in may and through the whole time, we saw God at work in amazing ways via the various onboard programmes for school kids, Elderly people, pastor’s conferences, church visits, English conversation classes and the various friendship building programmes and several informal meeting and outings.

Praise the Lord for the people the came to know that Lord personally during the time we were there.

Praise the Lord for Students that were touched and affected in some ways by our lives and testimonies in the several campuses we visited.

Praise the Lord for the few Churches in Japan that were greatly encouraged and challenged to be excited about the Lord and challenged to be involved in reaching out for souls as well by our visit

I can go on and on God was all together faithful…thanks for praying with us.


It’s really hard to single out an event to consider as the highlight because the whole time was basically awesome, even with what seem to be a lowlight we saw God at work.

Maybe I should talk about our two week A-team outreach in Osaka. That was one of the amazing times we had in Japan. It was such a great time of sharing not just the gospel but in a more practical way sharing the love of God via our lives as well. We saw lives impacted in significant ways as we build friendship with the youths in Osaka especially in students in Osaka University of Arts, Kansai Bible institute, English conversation classes and hanging out with some of them for a cup of coffee and in dinner fellowships.

Throughout our programmes we simply realized how much lonely and desperately needy Japanese people are spiritually, and how that God needs His people elsewhere to not just be deceived by the apparent “material prosperity” and neglect the crying realities that are causing over thirty thousand youths to commit suicide every year and several others too numerous than we can imaging, struggling with deep depression.

In summary God reminded us again that it’s all about Him and not about us…so just the little at our disposal-our little testimonies, time and wiliness…and the rest is trust and obey Him and for real He was faithful.

We learnt so much about how God could actually speak to the heart of people without even us doing the speaking…we had situations where we couldn’t communicate because of the language barrier but it was interesting how God reach out to these people anyway.. His love for sure is stronger that life and louder than human voice.

Prayer points.

Keep on praying for the church in Japan that believers will be bold to live for Jesus as many of then are afraid to talk about their faith to their friends and colleagues at work.

Pray that God will continue to work in the heart of the people who came to know Him via our ministry in Japan.

Pray for one of the young ladies that came to know the Lord via our ministry, whose cousin and close friend just committed suicide who also has a struggle with deep depressing always.

Thanks a lot for your partnership in the Gospel of our Lord in so many ways especially standing with us in the place of prayer. The place of prayer in mission is the heart of missions.

I’ll send the updates of our Korea visit latter thanks

God bless you and remain a blessing to your generation.

With you in His Service,