Back in Hong Kong

I am back in Hong Kong now, after 3 weeks of nomad's life, I was taken into the best dormitory of HKU, having my own room, and a grand sea view.

The research on Hikikomori is on the run. I had openned an account in 2 famous Japanese website, getting contacts and speaking to people about Hikikomori - People who socially withdraw themselves and retreat into their rooms, for more than six months, not having a legitimate status such as student, trainee, or workers.

It's amazing to see how the Lord is slowly turning this into a ministry.

There are always a few options in this period of training and waiting:
1. Finish the research fast, get the basic qualification of master degree, and quickly seek an entrance to Japan.
2. Continue to explore every single issue, write an excellent dissertation, develop a new theory, get connect with people, challenge existing ideas. Be an expert of this field, thus this will take me longer to Japan.
3. Be equipped in the local church, taking up task in training new force and introducing missions.
4. Be committed to the dormitory, and motivate the Christians Associations towards missions and Heart4Japan.

Can I do all four? Or can I concentrate on only one? I learned one thing that I'm not a superbeing, yet needs are huge.......

Putting aside the plans, I am co-leading the bilingual Alpha study with the mainlanders in the church starting next month. It's a 3 months project, something that is urgent and in need.

I do need your prayers!
1. Increase of my Japanese ability.
2. Increase of God's wisdom,
3. Spirit Discerenment.
4. Financial Provisions