Linda's studies in Ritsumeikan University

Hi my beloved ones, as maybe all of you knowing that I’m applying to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan.

And you know what? I’M ACCEPTED !!! And I got 80 % scholarship from university (tuition reduction). This is a blessing from God, I’m very grateful for this.

I started preparing my application since last year 2008, and it’s all been through all prayers, fasting and struggling coz I’m facing so many challenge that leads me step by step and all of this increases my faith tremendously.

Amazingly, my God has been so faithful to me from the start, I’m so overwhelmed knowing that he always with me in every step that I take. After all this time I’ve been praying seriously for this, I prayed for visions, dreams, anything that He wants me to do in my life. I know I was prepared to do big things, and from that moment, God puts vision about going to Japan, at first I was “what God?” I just felt that God wants to use me there in to serve people in Japan.

Well, I fancies things from Japan like the music, food, culture, and stuff, but I never have an idea or even thinking about going there at all. And suddenly I become scared; whoa God is this really from you? I’m started to ask for confirmation and signs, because I’m thinking, this is a big deal for me to go for this application, and I know all this things could be complicated.

As I pray for that, surely, God hears my petition, He answered my prayer, even my ministry friend have vision from God, and there’s came this missionary, I don’t even know this person, but she started to talk to me and said stuff that is related to my calling. And the more God answered my prayer, I came to this feeling to go for it.

At first I’m thinking of applying to YWAM (youth with a mission) Tokyo, Japan, and I even already filled the application letter and is about to send it, but in the last minute, no peace at all. And I prayed more, “God what do you want? I never thinking of going to college there, you told me to do ministry there right?” in the end, for me, ministry is not just studying bible or go to the slum. But I can also serve society through my knowledge. Then one day I felt to go to education fair and here’s I found Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. There I want to study sociology (asia pacific studies).

To make long story short, I’m applying there, with so many challenge, I have to study for TOEFL test, pursuing my teachers at my high school for letter of recommendation, application essays, scholarship essays, very complicated transcript from school, and so on. In every aspect from that application almost make me crazy. Because typically I never fight for something before, I believe if this is not from God, this application will never be finished.

At this time I need your support, please pray for me, for God’s provision, because in less than a month, before 30th November 2009, I still need to finish the payment for admission. Here are the details: Admission fee: $ 1482, Tuition for 1st semester: $ 782, Dormitory fee: $ 2312. The total: $ 4574. I believe for what God has started, He’s also the one who’re going to provide me. He’s been faithful for me from the beginning, the author and finisher of my faith. Once again thanks for supporting me. I will keep you updated.


Linda Lauren Nov 6, 2009