Thank you for your Prayers!

Thank you for praying with me. God hears our prayers. Our God is really amazing and mighty in power. He can do whatever He wants to do and however He wants to do for His glory. My father is now getting well although he still taking medicines. Last Thursday as I was going back to Quezon City where I stay, I couldn’t stop praising Him. He got wound on his right ankle and arthritis on his left foot, but praise God he can walk now.

I went there early in the morning to see my father, but unfortunately I didn’t catch him in his house because he went to hardware to buy some stuff for his house. I went to cemetery and clean up the tomb of my mother. It was great, I got some friends who helped me clean up and paint the tomb. In four hours, the work was done. Praise God for that!

After the work got done in cemetery, I went to my father’s house. There I ate lunch and it was awesome, they prepare one of my favorite dishes. We call it TINOLA a native Filipino dish with native chicken; it was so nice, tasty and healthy food with soup and vegetable in it. After eating, I talked to him and learned what ailment he is suffering with. I had an ointment in my bag for back pain and arthritis; I gave it to him and gave some tips on how he will get quick healing.

I was trying to talk with all my brothers and sisters who are living nearby my father’s house, but unfortunately some of them were not around. I thank God because I learned that they are doing well. I was so anxious about them lately, thinking about how they survive in this life, but what a great relief last Thursday when I saw and heard what God is doing in their lives. God is faithful and marvelous in power. It has been my prayer that God would bless them especially my father because he is already old and doesn’t have much resources. Praise God and glory be to Him because He hears our prayers. He spared them from typhoon and floods and He is providing their needs. Now, I am more confident to face the challenge in life especially to pursue His calling to me.

You know, it’s quite hard to move forward when you are anxious about your family. It’s been an old issue even in the Old Testament and many times in mission enterprises all over the world, but I thank God for the prayers of the saints because your prayers really makes stand still for God and His calling. This is all for now. Thank you so much all of you!

Romulo Nov 3, 2009