In Grief

Dear Roseline,

Thank you for sending the letter "H4J:Grief"; we have the same grief for Japan.

I also heard something happened in Japan recently and it was really horrible story that a 14 year old girl committed suicide inside her bath room. Please continue to pray that God would open the door for me to come back to Japan as soon as I finish my commitment onboard.

I really want to see what the real situation in Japan and how the gospel can penetrate to Japanese culture. I am just waiting for God’s leading and for open doors. Please always remember in prayer that God would grant the job offered in Kagoshima Japan; it will help my financial necessities to stay in Japan.

One more thing, when we reach New Zealand, we will have good internet connection; for this reason, I would like to ask you to put some good materials for presentation to your blog so that I can easily down load them. I will make presentations to promote the needs for Japan. And pray that God would give a chance to propagate the needs for Japan wherever I go.

This is all for now.

In Christ’s grief,
May 01, 2008