Plead for Prayers, My Heart for Japan



Thank you for praying for Japan; please continue to pray for my coming back to Japan after my commitment onboard the ship. As of now, I applied to a Church in Canada for support for my coming to Japan for mission with OM Japan, but I heard it’s in low priority as they received many applicants for this year. 

It’s really quite hard to raise supports to come to Japan since it’s really big amount, but I don’t loose hope that God will open the door for me to reach out Japanese people.

There is another good prospect of means to coming to Japan which is to teach conversational English to a particular Church in southern part of Japan; a man from England who is now doing his teaching ministry in Japan invited me to consider English conversational teaching to that particular Church because he going back home this coming July. But the challenge is, the Church leaders want to have a white person as well and had already experienced living in Japan and can speak Japan language; but he told me that they are also considering me as a candidate since I have heart for Japanese people. 

Please include me in prayer that God would open the door for me to come back to Japan to fulfill His will of reaching out Japanese people. If I get the job, I don’t need to raise support anymore because the Church will provide the accommodation and will pay for English conversational teaching. And I can save up money for the future involvement to OM Japan.


If you have any suggestion, please advice me and if you have any contact person in Japan who can help me to come there, will be much appreciated.


I am hoping to see you in Japan and also excited to reach Japan soon.


Thanks for praying.


God is with us.



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John 说...

I have a Japanese friend who has pioneered a Japanese church in Manila.