Thank you 29/05/08

Dear brothers and sisters,
Thank you so much for praying for me. After 5 days of having fever and cough, yesterday I was back to work.
Today I am on e-day and we went to prison ministry and it was awesome. We were blessed by hearing testimonies of people who were being changed by God. One of them is a 34 years old guy; he got  a life time sentense for multifold murder; he killed his second wife and his in-laws, but God humbled him and he became a Christian. He was a big timer manager of a big company before, but he began to use drugs and play gumbling and other really bad stuffs; he always got what he wanted to get and it end up to kill his second wife and his in-laws. But after 5 years in prison, he is now totally different man; he is not the old guy anymore; I can see and I can testify that he is now a new creation in Christ Jesus, AMEN. To prove that, his detention cell has no wired walls and even concrete walls; he can escape if he wants to, but he never thought about that. He is enjoying right now his every day devotion with the Lord, and he is satisfied with the Lord. He told me, even he has everything in life before, he didn't find satisfaction in life as he has right now. He is now one of Bible study leaders in their division. What a great God we have and what a powerful message of God's word through his life!
He is very thankful to God because his brother in-law has already forgiven him and looking after for his son because he became Christian as well through the changes happened in his life.
Pray for him; He is now studying economics while he is spending his life in prison. He told me, if God will show him mercy and allow him to be freed from imprisonment, he wants to serve God; he wants to continue the ministry God has given him, reaching out prisoners like him. You can mention his name Yogi as you pray for him.
Thank you for being with me in prayers. I am also very thankful to God for saving me; for His love and mercy; for His generous love and forgiveness; for His uncoditional love and compassion; for His tenderness and gentleness; for His patience and kindness; for giving me the rights to call upon Him; for giving me the rights to became child of God; for liberty in life in Him; for changing my life, characters, and attitude everyday; for privilege to serve Him; for meeting my everyday needs; for guidance; for giving me wisdom especially everytime I badly needed it; for keeping me away from evil ones; for His tender rebuke; for correcting me from my wrong ways and toughts; for guiding me to the right path even it is hard to understand sometime; for giving the privilege to see His marvelous deeds in different countries; for seeing His marvelous deeds at the sky above and His marvelous deeds over and under the sea water from place to place; for seeing His marvelous architectural works on high lands;  for seeing changing lives from place to place; for the privilege to reach out others; for the privilege to bless others as He blesses me; for the privilege to encurage others; for the people who encourage me especially in time of troubles and in time of my spirit is down; for giving me Chrisian friends whose praying for me and helping me; for giving me a Church who molded my faith and my vision in ministry; for giving me a church who loved me, help me, trust me, and sends me; for giving me talents and skills; for giving me good education; for giving me spiritual giftings; for giving me contentment to what I have right now; for giving peace of mind; for giving me hope in life; for giving me courage to go on; for giving me fresh breath everyday; for giving me healing from sickness; for giving love toward others; for giving me compassion for the lost louls; for giving me heart for Japanese people; for giving me a talent and voice to make song of praises for Him; for giving me the chance to write His goodness; for giving me privilege to remember what He has done for me; for giving me means to communicate to my family, friends back home and other parts of the world; for giving people who love to help my needs onboard the ship; for giving me a loving family back home; for giving me family onboard the ship who are really dear to me (koinonia in Greek word); for giving me the chance to work with my fellow servants in Christ in the book shop department; for giving me the chance to work with international community onboard the D_____; for giving me chance to praise God and worship Him with international community; for giving me the chance to grow in faith; for giving me the chance to serve people; for giving me the chance to work with other Christians and churches from port to port and country to country; for saving me from sea sickness; for giving good health dispite of hard works and heavy boxes at book-holds; for giving me this chance to reach this far of my life; for all the blessings he has given me already, and for all the blessings that are to come; and for all the things he has done in my life. To Him who is able to keep us from falling away. To Him who makes His face shine upo us. To Him who will bring us with great joy into His glorious presence without a sible fault. All the glory, majesty, power, and authority be upon Him, forever and ever in Christ our Lord and savior, AMEN.
Thank you for praying for Japan. I will give you updates about my plan to comeback to Japan.
In His service,