CDTS Training

I received a letter from YWAM Penang, where they are calling to raise fund for Jovita to attend CDTS course in Penang. Jovita is not a missionary yet, she had been one of our faithful prayer partner in Heart4Japan. CDTS is a path where she is preparing herself to Japan. If you are thinking of supporting her in finance or prayers, please feel free to contact her at this email address, Bless you!

Dear Friends of Jovita,

We are writing to introduce the course of training that Jovita Leong Ken Yuen has applied to with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Penang from 12/08/09 to Jan 2010. The Crossroads Discipleship Training School (CDTS) is a course uniquely designed for adults aged 35 and above who want to be better equipped to share their passion for God with others. This course is conducted in a mentoring environment designed to be an optimum opportunity to allow our students to be spiritually renewed and receive fresh vision for their lives from the Lord.
YWAM's passion is to know God and make Him known to all nations and our CDTS training course actively trains individuals to minister in their spheres of influence. Students with our school develop a closer walk with God as their Father and grow in their obedience to Christ as the Lord of every aspect of their lives. We find that they are then equipped to share their faith out of the overflow of their experience of God's contagious love and goodness.
Our course is divided into two parts. The first part is the lecture phase in which students receive twelve weeks of teaching about God's character and our response to who He is. The second part consists of an eight week outreach phase in which our students will be given an opportunity to further apply the things they have been learning. As a multicultural outreach team, they will see the transforming power of God's grace firsthand as they serve and minister to others.
For many of the students who come to us at a "crossroads" juncture in their lives, the CDTS is springboard to jumping into a second career in missions. For others, it is a springboard into a deeper, more fulfilling and intimate relationship with the Lord and they return to their homes with renewed commitment to daily follow the Lord's leading.

Jovita feels the Lord has prompted her to apply to take this course and is working diligently to come up with as much of the funds as she can. The course is about two weeks away from starting and she has communicated to us that she is still short on the required fees.
We are writing to you, on behalf of Jovita, to ask if you would just pray and ask the Lord if you should be a part of donating a certain sum of money to this cause. Please feel free to ask Jovita (012-9142937) any questions you have about her motives for taking this course and how she has worked to gather the funds needed.

We have been praying for all of our students and feel that Jovita is to be a part of this school. We also know that often God will prompt churches or individuals in our student's lives to help them realize this goal financially. This is one of the ways the Lord uses the body of Christ in being in fellowship with one another.

Thank you for considering this opportunity,

Bruce & Beverly Blatz
CDTS Leaders
YWAM Penang