Jun 9 - July 10 Scott experiences homeless in Japan!

June 23

The things of God appear as foolishness to the world. 
If a man says he will go in humility, to be low, with nothing:
The world looks to him as if he is a fool! 
But I tell you the truth, better is one day in righteousness in action, then a thousand days where we only speak of righteousness. 
A man says “I have no money, no plans, no place to stay. But I will go.”
The world looks on him as though he is a fool, for they do not understand the things of God.
For although the man has nothing, God gives him all things.
As God feeds the birds, who do not sow or reap or store away.
Surely He will feed his servant!
For food, and money and clothes are of little importance compared to what they are for. Human life.
I do not consider this suffering worthy of being compared to the glory that will be revealed in us!
So why should I fear those who can kill the body, but after that, can do no more?
If their greatest weapon against me is physical death, I tell you, they fail to kill me. 
The love that I have within me has already overcome death!
But this is foolishness to the world!
My heart breaks for those who see these words but can not understand them.
I walked in the rain, to meet with a homeless man next to the river.
It was a cold day, the rain was heavy; and I knew he must be cold!
Was I to sit inside, and not go help him because the weather was bad? 
Was I supposed to sit inside and wait for the rain to stop, knowing that he was enduring the rain?
No. I went out, to bring him out of the cold. 
Is this foolishness to you? That I would think to care of another’s suffering? 
I took this homeless man to a bathhouse, where he could relax in the hot water.
I took him in, to keep him from the cold, so he would not have to suffer the whole storm!
And after, my reward was great! 
I returned to a nice comfortable home, afflicted with a cold, from that short amount of time I was in the storm.
But in this I rejoice, that I, who have the ability to get well, could be sick:
While making sure that someone who can not get well, does not get sick.
And as I lay, suffering from my sickness, I praised God and thanked him for this wonderful gift. 
And when morning came, I was completely healed. My strength and health returned.
Praise be to God, who gives all good things. 
Already, I know many people think this is foolishness, as many people are quick to tell me.
But I can not express the complete joy and happiness that comes from this. 
If this is foolish to the world, then my spirit does not belong to the world, but to God.
If this is foolishness then what would you have me do?
Use my privilege and comfort to build up myself?
I tell you the truth, that if I build up myself I will not be happy.
Because all who build themselves up, and create their own fortunes, are torn down, and left with nothing. 
For all their wealth, all their comfort and all their privilege are swallowed by the grave. 
Would you have me build this for myself? 
In the middle of a storm, would you have me sit by while others suffer?
Those who say “why did you not wait until after the storm” 
Do you not know that PEOPLE, human beings, are out in the storm, people who have no place to wait it out! 
Should I leave them out there? 
I thank God for my suffering, because I suffered so another would not! 
I thank God for my affliction, because I am privileged enough to heal overnight! 
I thank God for the storm, because it gave me a chance to bring a little more love in the world. 
But all these things are foolish to some of you. 
These words seem beyond understanding.
You keep telling me: “you must worry about yourself first!” 
But I say to you “God is my fortress, my healer, my all. First I must worry about the people who are suffering and hurting, because when I do that, God does the same for me.” 
When my hands touch their hands, God touches me.
When I suffer their burned, lifting it from them; It is just a moment before God lifts my burden from me. 
The things of God are foolish to this world. 
So world, look on me and make me a fool.
For I have found riches that are never lost. 
I have found palaces that never come to ruin. 
I have been given hope that lights all the world. 
So if I am a fool, I am a fool, and would not trade it for the world.